Amiyakhum Falls

Amiyakhum Falls

The “Nayagra Falls” in Bangladesh is famous as the Amiyakhum Waterfall, located in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. It is known by various names in different regions, including Khumrer Raj, Nafakhum, Amiyakhum, Vela Khum, and Satvaikhum. It is primarily a cool water waterfall in a hilly remote area. Locals refer to it as “Amiyakhum” because in Burmese or Marma language, “khum” means waterfall. However, for the convenience of the Bengali language, it is called the Amiyakhum Waterfall. Additionally, not all waterfalls that never dry up are called “khum.” So even if the waterfall’s water dries up, it is still not called “khum.”

Amiyakhum Waterfall is considered the most beautiful waterfall among numerous waterfalls along the path of the hilly Sanghu River. Even among all the beautiful and mesmerizing waterfalls in Bangladesh, it stands out. That’s why this waterfall is known to everyone as “Heaven of Bengal.” Surrounded by rocky and lush green surroundings, this water stream rushes down from the middle of the encircled mountains with immense force. Its speed is so intense that it creates a white foam of milk-white color.

However, it’s important to note that although it’s suitable for a visit at any time of the year, during the heavy monsoon season when the water of the Sanghu River increases significantly, there’s a risk of flash floods or landslides. Nevertheless, winter is the most convenient time for trekking.

Tourist Attractions Nearby
On the way to Amiyamukh, you will encounter the natural beauty of Chimbuk, Nilgiri, Thanchi, Sanghu River, Padmamukh, Tindu, Rajapathar, Remakri Waterfall, Jinnah Hill, Tui Chhara, and Devata Hill, among others. In addition to these nearby tourist attractions, you will also find Dim Pahar, Alakadam, Bogalek, Keokradong, Lila Chal, Swarnamandir, and Chimbuk Hill.
Special Advice
Taking photos without permission from locals is not allowed. Avoid engaging in arguments with locals. Littering such as throwing away wrappers, plastics, and bottles is unacceptable. Since you’ll be trekking in remote areas for around 10-12 hours, try to carry a small bag and light essentials. Bring sufficient water, light snacks, and basic medical supplies. Rovi and Airtel are suitable mobile network providers here. Don’t forget to bring necessary trekking gear. Form a group of at least 6 people for trekking.

Ways To Go From Dhaka

(To Visit Amiyakhum Falls You Have To Go To Bandarban First.)


Dhaka Bus Stands:-
  • Fokirapul
  • Sayedabad
  • Kolabagan
  • Abdullahpur
  • Gabtoli
  • Kalyanpur
  • Jatrabari

(You can get buses from 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM.)

  • Shyamoli
  • Hanif
  • S. Alam
  • Dolphin
  • Unique
  • Saudia
  • Eagle
  • Sent Martin
  • Des Travels


Train Services:
  • Metropolitan Morning (704)
Departure Time: 07:45
Arrival Time: 14:00 (Daily)
  • Metropolitan Express (722)
Departure Time: 21:20
Arrival Time: 04:50 (Closed on Sundays)
  • Turna Express (742)
Departure Time: 23:30
Arrival Time: 06:20 (Daily)
  • Sonar Bangla Express (788)
Departure Time: 07:00
Arrival Time: 12:15 (Closed on Wednesdays)
  • Chittagong Mail (02)
Departure Time: 22:30
Arrival Time: 07:25 (Daily)
  • Karnaphuli Express (04)
Departure Time: 08:30
Arrival Time: 18:00 (Daily)
  • Chitrala Express (64)
Departure Time: 13:00
Arrival Time: 20:50 (Closed on Tuesdays)


Airplane Services:
  • Us Bangla
  • Bangladesh Biman
  • Novo Air
(You Can Avail Airplane Service To Go From Dhaka To Chittagong.)

Ways To Go From Chattagram


Bus Stands:-
  • Boddar Hat
Bus Services:-
  • Pubali
  • Purbani

From Bandarban To Amiakhum

As there is no direct way to reach Amiyakhum, you will need to trek with the assistance of specific routes and skilled guides.

Firstly, you will have to take a bus or jeep from Bandarban to Thanchi. It will take at least 4 to 5 hours to reach Thanchi.

Secondly, since entry without a guide is prohibited, you need to arrange for a registered guide appointed by the administration, whom you will find in Thanchi. The appointed guide will assist you and ensure compliance with all necessary permissions and legal regulations.

Thanchi To Amiyakhum Routes And Description-
Route-01: Thanchi > Remakri > Nafakhum > Jinnah Para > Thuisapara > Devata Pahar > Amiyakhum.

  • Depart from Thanchi by boat to reach Remakri Bazaar.
  • After reaching Remakri, take a break and head towards Nafakhum Waterfall (approximately 1.5 to 3 hours of trekking).
  • Upon viewing Nafakhum Waterfall, proceed to Saziapara by boat (which is about 4-5 hours of trekking).
  • Spend the night at Saziapara and the next morning, hire another local guide to proceed towards Amiyakhum (guide fee applicable).
  • After approximately 3 to 3.5 hours of trekking, you’ll reach Amiyakhum Waterfall.

Return Route:

After visiting Amiyakhum, return to Saziapara, spend the night there, and in the morning, return to Thanchi following the previous route.

Route-02: Thanchi > Remakri > Nafakhum > Thuisapara > Devata Pahar > Amiyakhum
Depart from Thanchi by boat to reach Remakri Bazaar. After reaching Remakri, trek towards Nafakhum Waterfall (approximately 1.5 to 3 hours of trekking). Upon viewing Nafakhum Waterfall, proceed to Thuisapara by boat (which is about 4-5 hours of trekking). Spend the night at Saziapara and the next morning, hire another local guide to proceed towards Devata Pahar. It’s worth mentioning that Devata Pahar is renowned for its pristine beauty in Bandarban. From Devata Pahar, trek towards Amiyakhum Waterfall.
Return Route:

After visiting Amiyakhum, return to Saziapara, spend the night there, and in the morning, return to Thanchi following the previous route.

Upon comprehensive consideration, Route-02 appears to be convenient. However, to explore the route and surrounding areas thoroughly, it’s highly recommended to communicate effectively with the guide and agree on the terms and conditions beforehand without any hesitation.


(In the tribal areas, arrangements for accommodation and food of all kinds are available.)

Residential Neighborhoods

  • Remakri
  • Nafakum Para
  • Jinapara
  • Thuisapara
(Since there are no residential hotels along the journey path, one must stay in the tribal villages. Therefore, arrangements for accommodation and food can be made directly with the owners of the residential villages or with the assistance of a guide.)


You Will Get The Facility Of Eating Anywhere In The Neighborhood Or In A Residential House.

Basic idea of minimum expenses for visiting Amiyakhum:-
  • Bus Fare From Dhaka To Bandarban: 700/= Tk
  • Bandarban To Thanchi: Reserve Jeep- Tk 5500/= And Bus- Tk 200/= Per Person
  • Thanchi To Remakri: Reserve Boat- 4000/= Taka
  • Guide Cost: 4500/= Taka
  • Food Cost: 120/= Taka Per Hour In Tribal House
  • Accommodation Cost: Tribal House- 150/= Taka

Note That The List Is Given As An Idea Of ​​Minimum Rent Only. Which Is Changing In Current Situation. So Negotiate According To The Correct Information.

Advantages Of Traveling To Amiyakhum Falls Are-
  • Improved Guide Facility.
  • Beautiful And Pleasant Environment.
  • Suitable For Trekking Or Adventurers.
  • Facilitation Of Spending Quality Time With Family/Couple Or Friends.
Advice- First Of All, Always Be Careful In Bargaining Before Booking A Car Or Boat Trip, Hotel Booking, Food Or Anything Else. Also-
  • If Necessary, Take Water Bottle, Umbrella Or Raincoat And Water Proof Bag.
  • Get Full Charge On Mobile, Torch, Power Bank.
  • With The Help Of A Local Guide You Can Tour The Whole Region Beautifully.
  • Don’t Forget To Take Necessary Materials For Trekking.
  • Travel In Groups Of At Least 6 People.
Any Tourism Destination Is Our Heritage, Our Country’s Heritage. Let Us Refrain From Any Harmful Actions Towards The Natural Or Scenic Beauty Of These Places, And Encourage Others To Do The Same. It Is Our Responsibility To Be Careful About Everything In Our Country.
The Costs Of Hotels, Resorts, Transportation Rentals, And Other Expenses May Change Over Time, So The Information Provided May Not Be Current. Therefore, Please Make Sure To Gather Information About Current Rentals And Expenses Before Planning Any Trip.
Note: In Case Of Any Problem, Call Bangladesh National Emergency Service – 999.

For Any Information Or Travel Help Please Contact Or Comment-
E-Mail- [email protected]
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